Passive Income, once you start receiving it, you won’t want to ever live without it.

Making passive rental income is about the best type of income to make.

Passive income does not relate to how many hours you have to work, no passive income is where your family’s dream can come true. Because passive income eliminates you out of the equation, you receive income without having to trade it for hours you work.

EXTRA tiny homes can provide you passive rental income of up to $1500 or more per month; that’s $18,000 per year, or in 8 years a total of $144,000 !!! And the best thing about it is you can pass it on to your children and they can pass it to their children.

This is the first time in Hawaii’s history that the state allows the average home owner to build a separate tiny home on their property that they can legally rent out for income. Mayor Caldwell passed this new “ADU” bill on September 14, 2015 and is in the process of passing an additional bill that will allow people who build an “ADU” to waive all building permit, grading, and inspection fees, and wastewater facility charges, for a two-year period, ending on July 2018. That’s a potential savings of up to $10,000!!!

With EXTRA tiny homes we are able to eliminate the headaches of 6 months or more of a messy, loud construction zone.

EXTRA tiny homes take only 6 weeks of a construction zone PLUS we eliminate having to spend $200,000 or more on building a traditional home, OUR tiny home only costs $69,000 plus Site Costs, which typically means your entire cost to build this tiny home is somewhere between $85,000 to $95,000.

Take your family on overseas trips to a different county every year or enjoy family cruises to different ports every year. Also every year take a weekend trip to the outer islands with the family. This extra income will provide you the opportunity to give back to your family, enjoy life better and still have extra money that goes to savings for retirement or children’s education.

EXTRA tiny homes…