$1500+ every month passive income. Over 20% Return on Investment !!!

$1500+ every month passive income.  Over 20% Return on Investment !!!

$85,000 in the bank earning 1% makes you $70 every month.


$85,000 ($69,000 house + estimated site costs***) EXTRA tiny house makes you $1500 every month.

In 8 years $85,000 in the bank makes you a total of $6720

In 8 years a $85,000 Extra tiny house can make you a total of $144,000!!!

Finally, an opportunity for the average Oahu family to make passive income like the wealthy people.

Think about this question… “How much money in the bank would I need in order to make $1500 per month at a rate of 1%?” $1.8 million

Ok, What if I want to buy a condo on Oahu to rent out and make $1500 per month, how much would it cost me to buy? Approx. $400,000 to $500,000 to buy a nice unit in Oahu to make $1500 net income.

Never before has Oahu property owners have a chance to make $1500 passive income with only an investment of approx. $85,000, not $400,000 or $500,000.

The most important question…. ”Does my property qualify to build an Extra house on it???”

Let us find out for you

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