$69K + Tiny Home built in 6 weeks

(Not 6 months or more)

Only $69,000 plus site costs*

$69K  Tiny Home+ Site Costs

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Live Better w/ passive rental income up to

$1,500 or more per month


Automatically creating $1500 or more every month for you, your family and future generations. Like putting an ATM machine in your back yard that provides you passive monthly income. More Info...


6 weeks construction time, not 6 months or more. Tiny home framing built in a controlled environment factory and shipped to your site. It eliminates the headaches and stress of building a house that takes 6 months to 12 months of a loud messy construction zone. More Info...


Bring family back home, providing living quarters for older parents, grandparents and adult children. Also can provide you a place to downsize when you retire: rent out your main house and move in to the small house to create more monthly income. More Info...


20% return or more on Rental Income. More retirement income. Have your IRA or 401K invest and collect 20% or more that goes straight to your retirement account delaying taxes. More Info...


Passive Income, once you start receiving it, you won’t want to ever live without it. Making passive rental income is about the best type of income to make. Passive income does not relate to how many hours you have to work, no passive income is where your family’s dream can come true. Because passive income eliminates you out of the equation, you receive income without having to trade it for hours you work EXTRA tiny homes take only 6 weeks of a construction zone PLUS we eliminate having to spend $200,000 or more on building a traditional home, OUR tiny home only costs $69,000 plus Site Costs, which typically means your entire cost to build this tiny home is somewhere between $85,000 to $95,000. More Info...


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